The most poisonous sting in the world: Jellyfish caused the death of a teenager – The deadly tentacles of box jellyfish

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A 17-year-old Australian died after a sting jellyfish while swimming on a Queensland beach.

The teenager has been in mechanical support for a week, according to Queensland police.

His death is the first to be attributed in the endangered jellyfish of Australia since 2006, as broadcast by local media. The box jellyfish, named after its characteristic shape, is considered the most toxic sea creature.

Its long and thorny tentacles are covered with pockets of venom. Anyone who comes in contact with the toxin, animal or human, suffers from paralysis, which develops into heart failure and death.

The boy was bitten on February 22 and was given first aid on the beach before being taken to hospital. Police did not provide further details, as they are still preparing their report for the medical examiner.

The killer species of this jellyfish are found in the tropical waters of the north Australia. Local communities put up signs on the shores warning bathers to stay out of the water during the busiest times…

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