The Netherlands is “flirting” with an extension of the lockdown due to an increase in cases


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Delaying the easing of restrictions aimed at preventing the spread of the coronavirus is being considered by the Dutch government as cases are growing and hospitals have been overburdened.

The Prime Minister’s Office Mark Rutte announced on Sunday (11/4) that “it is still too early” to allow more citizens to gather in public places.

Authorities had hoped to reopen cafes and restaurants outside next week, but almost six months after they closed, the number of cases remains high and admissions to ICUs are increasing.

More than 16,700 people have died in the Netherlands

The measures in force in Netherlands, where 1.3 million cases and more than 16,700 deaths from covid-19 have been reported, including the first overnight traffic ban since World War II and a ban on public gatherings of more than two people.

Rutte is expected to announce the latest decision of his cabinet during a press conference that will be televised at 20:00 Greek time.

Nearly 70% of ICU beds in Dutch hospitals are occupied by COVID-19 patients and hospital admissions have risen, prompting the medical community to warn that the third wave of the pandemic may not have peaked.

The same time, Representatives of the catering industry and mayors of the country’s largest cities have called on the government to allow businesses with outdoor facilities to operate. on the grounds that there is a crowd in the parks.

As in other EU members, the program vaccination in the Netherlands is evolving at a slower pace than countries such as the US, Israel and Britain.

The country’s National Institutes of Health announced last week that it expects the third wave to peak in late April and begin to decline as vaccinations increase.

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