The new art photography by Spencer Tunic, famous for his nude project, is simply inspiring

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About 300 male and female volunteers stripped their bodies and ώντας wearing only white body paint posed for the needs of the new art project which aimed to draw attention to its shrinkage Dead Sea.

The event took place on Sunday on his behalf American photographer Spencer Tunic, who has done similar projects in other exotic areas around the world, including a Swiss glacier and a beach in South Africa, but also in Melbourne. THE Spencer Tunic is famous for organizing mass gatherings of naked people.

Dressed in black, he stood on the roof of a caravan and gave orders through a loudspeaker. “Hands down and feet together,” he told them.

These shootings were promoted by Ministry of Tourism of Israel.

“My visit to Israel It was an experience for me and I’m always happy to be back here and photograph in the only country in Middle East which allows art like this to be made, “he said Tunic. This is the third time that the 54-year-old photographer captures its shrinkage Deadnessς Θάλασσας in the middle of naked projects.

The volunteers gathered early Sunday afternoon. The shooting lasted about three hours and took place in the desert outside the Israeli city Arad. “For me, the body represents beauty, life and love,” he said Tunic, who in 2011 had photographed 1,000 naked people on its shores Salty Sea, the level of which decreases each year by about one meter.

The organizers hope that this artistic approach will draw attention to the importance of preserving Dead Sea. Salt water at the lowest point on earth has been steadily shrinking in recent decades as Israel and its neighbors divert water sources for both agriculture and consumption.

On Sunday Tunic set the objects of his photography on stony brown hills. He stated that he chose to paint his naked bodies with white paint to recall the Biblical story of his wife Lot, which is said to have left a salt column because it disobeyed a clear command.

The Ministry of Tourism stated that it hopes that his artistic look Tunic will raise awareness around the world and attract visitors to the area.

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