The new Australian prime minister and the Italian father he didn’t know he had

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Australia’s next prime minister is called Anthony Albanese and he will be the first Italian-Australian to lead the country. He defeated current Prime Minister Scott Morrison, the one in the tug-of-war over vaccination with Novak Djokovic in January. A Labor takes the place of a Conservative who has already admitted defeat despite not all the votes cast in the mail and there are still seats in the balance.

The new Australian premier has a story that looks like something out of a movie. He is 59 years old and has Apulian origins that he only explored as an adult. Albanese was born in Sydney March 2, 1963 from a mother of Irish origin and a father born in Barletta.

The parents had met on one ship who went from Australia to England where Carlo, his father worked as a steward. She was with her brother who worked in the entertainment sector on the boat of the Italian Maritime Transport Society.

The relationship lasted the time of the cruise. Anthony was raised only by his mother Maryanne Ellery. Carlo returned to Italy, already engaged. However, the woman chose to tell her son that his father had died in a car accident, revealing the truth only when he was 14 years old.

They tell the Dailymail and the BBC than to the now grown boy that his father was married to another woman and that he was probably still alive in Europe. The faith she carried was false, perhaps also to cover up rumors within the Catholic world in which she lived. Better a fake widow than a real single mother.

Albanese went in search of his father more than 15 years later. He did it after the death of mother, first it would have been like telling her that she wasn’t good enough for him. He did it when his son Nathan, going to the cemetery to visit his grandmother, asked him where his father was.

He tracked him down thanks to documents, miraculously found in Genoa, of the shipping company, which had become part of the Carnival of which Albanese knew the managing director. With the help of the Australian embassy in Italy, he sent a letter using the address found in the documents he was taking to Barletta.

He was still alive (he died in 2014, “Happy to have found him”) and in 2010 they met a Barletta. The new Australian prime minister has an Italian brother and sister he didn’t know he had. Over the years he has told it as an extremely touching moment and as an extremely noisy Easter.

In politics since university, Albanese became a parliamentarian for the first time in 1996, becoming minister twice in 2007 and in 2013, again for the Labor party he has led since 2019. Among his battles, that for public health, against the climate change and the rights of minorities.

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Source: Vanity Fair

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