The new French government is right-wing

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Macron and Bourne worked all weekend to form a new government. After weeks of inactivity, the new motto is “full speed ahead”.

What is unprecedented about a reshuffle is that from early morning the names began to leak out in batches, depending on the available press information. Bruno Lemaire even announced by himself that he remains in the Ministry of Economy.

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The official announcement was released at 11:00 a.m. and there we were surprised to see that despite the negative information until then, Chrysoula Zacharopoulou remains in her position, as the term “gynecological violence” does not exist in criminal law and prevails hence, the presumption of innocence.

Immediate assumption of duties

In the new government, the ministers of Foreign Affairs, Economy, Justice, Defense, Labour, Education remain in their positions. At the Ministry of the Interior, Gérard Darmanen’s powers are expanded to include overseas possessions. From the “Horizontes” party of former prime minister Edouard Philippe, Christophe Besy takes on the ecological transition. François Braun, an emergency room doctor, takes over the health ministry, while former health minister Olivier Verand becomes government spokesman.

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Arguably the new “Bourne 2” government leans to the right just like the first. However, we should point out some efforts to balance with the left wing such as: with the selection of the economist Laurence Boon, (specialized in European politics and former advisor to Francois Hollande), as Deputy Minister of Foreign Affairs responsible for Europe. Also the assignment of the Ministry of City and Housing to the socialist Olivier Klein.

Olympia Tsipiras, Paris

Source: Deutsche Welle

Source: Capital

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