The new season of Gossip Girl arrives (finally) in Italy

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Nine years after the original series, the one that launched Blake Lively’s career and tickled the love of millions of teenagers for designer bags and trendy parties, Gossip Girl returns keeping the franchise unchanged, but populating it with new characters. The series, broadcast in America on HBO Max and coming to Italy on Sky Serie and streaming on NOW starting from 27 October, takes up the setting of the first six seasons, namely the prestigious Constance Billard School in New York, but with a new group of princes and queens who settle on its steps. In today’s hyper-digitalized world, blogs have lost their effectiveness, and the only way to get kids’ attention is to use their own language, that of Instagram.

To manage it (no spoilers, we find out in the first minutes of the first episode of the new one Gossip Girl) are the teachers of Constance who, thinking they have found a way to regain control of the school by freeing themselves from the whims of the sons of fathers who threaten to fire them every time they receive a low grade, think well to resplode the idea of ​​the old blog of Gossip Girl to hold them in hand. To do good and bad times in this new season, already confirmed by HBO Max for a second, are no longer Serena and Blair, but two half-sisters: Julien (Jordan Alexander), the school’s most powerful girl / influencer, and Zoya (Whitney Peak), a shy Buffalo girl who moves to Constance and Manhattan to be closer to the stepsister she has never dated but would like to have. deepen knowledge.

The idyll, as it is logical to expect for those who have always followed Gossip Girl, it’s not meant to last. The relationship between Julien and Zoya, which started out under the best auspices, soon gets stuck, turning into a feud that the new account of Gossip Girl tries to feed as best he can. All while the characters around the protagonists discover themselves, engage in casual sex and try to piece together the pieces of their wrecked lives. In short, nothing new under the sun. Even because, despite attempts at inclusiveness and fluidity, the substance always remains concentrated on an ultra-glossy and superficial package which, however, is perfect for those who want to unplug for an hour dedicating themselves to an admittedly light product.


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