The plan for the second increase of the minimum wage will be revealed today by K. Mitsotakis

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“Our policy is expanding disposable income, something that happened in the past and is evolving, continues now. The minimum wage has increased, taxes and insurance contributions have been reduced. We will go for a second increase in the minimum wage in 2022. “The prime minister will describe very precisely the process of this increase.”

With this report, the government spokesman pointed to today’s interview that Mr. Mitsotakis will give to the TV station “Antenna” and during it is expected that the government plan will unfold for the second in 2022 increase of the minimum wage.

In fact, according to information, this increase in the minimum wage is expected to come faster in the current year.

It is recalled that from January 1 of the new year, the minimum wage increased by 2%, reaching 663 euros gross (569 euros net) compared to 650 euros gross (558 euros net) which was until December 31, 2021.

However, the net wages of private sector employees, including those paid the minimum wage, have been indirectly increased by an additional 1.63%, and due to the corresponding reduction by 1.63% of the insurance contributions paid by employees (from 15.75% to 14.12%), in the context of the overall reduction of non-wage costs (contributions of employees and employers) by 3.9 points from 2019 until today.

In other words, the net minimum wage in the period 2019-2022, due to the reduction of contributions of the insured and their gross wages, has increased by 3.8 points (from 547 euros before the reduction of contributions to 569 euros which arrived after the reduction of contributions and the increase of the gross minimum) or 21.7 euros / month or 303.8 euros per year.

In recent statements, Mr. Mitsotakis clarified that the new increase in the minimum wage will take place within the first half of 2022.

According to a relevant post, based on its latest information, the increase of the minimum will take effect no later than 1 June 2022.

As for the rate of increase, according to the same information will be around 5% -5,5% so as to reach the 700 euros gross (from the current 663 euros).

In case the above scenarios are verified (about an increase of 5.5%), the net minimum wages will arrive 601 euros (compared to 569 euros as of January 1, 2022) and thus a net increase of 32 euros / month will occur.


Source From: Capital

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