The population of Grande ABC, in SP, supports the use of masks until 2022, says consortium

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According to the executive secretary of the Grande ABC Intermunicipal Consortium, Acácio Miranda, the decision of cities in the state of São Paulo to maintain the use of masks until at least December this year is popular with the population.

“A considerable portion of the population supports the measure, we noticed on the social network, this serves as a guide, north, for the maintenance of the use of the mask until the end of this year”, he said, in an interview with CNN Rádio.

Acácio stated that the great ABC prioritizes “public health and people’s lives”, despite the improvement in the indicators of the Covid-19 pandemic″.

The moving average of hospitalizations, cases and deaths is favorable, we surpass 80% of the vaccinated population, but there is this option for masks”, he analyzed.

According to him, “we are heading towards the end of the pandemic”, but that the time is for caution, as countries in Europe that have relaxed restrictive measures have seen an increase in the number of Covid cases.

The masks will remain mandatory until at least the last week of December. The expectation is that there will be a new assembly between the 7 mayors of the cities so that a decision can be taken based on updated epidemiological data.

Reference: CNN Brasil

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