The power of creams that come from the sea and the earth

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It goes without saying that the connection with Nature relieves our pains and improves our mental and physiological abilities. It is now scientifically proven that being in contact with Nature has beneficial effects. Having gradually distanced ourselves from Nature in the past, we now feel a strong need to reconnect. Animated by this need, plant-based cosmetics takes further steps forward. By reinventing her scientific approach and creating increasingly innovative products, she has been able to go beyond the classic vision of beauty, also bringing with her the concept of a beauty rich in well-being in general, which allows us to reconnect with ourselves, with the others and to make sense of this connection with Nature.

“Yves Rocher, for example, for his new emblematic line, Botanical Elixir, drew inspiration from scientific studies that underline the benefits that Nature offers to the lifestyle, including oxygenation of people who live in places where the land and the sea meet, using a unique complex of active ingredients with patented efficacy , from the eco-conception of formulas to sensoriality », says Philippe Msika, Yves Rocher Innovation & Development Director.

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Botanical Elixir from Yves Rocher it is an authentic immersion in Breton Nature. Where the earth meets the ocean and where the waves break on the coasts, the wind spreads the scent of the ocean into the air, invisible particles capable of awakening the senses and having a positive reaction on the body and mind. It improves resistance to pain and stress, reduces stress and the occurrence of cardiovascular disease and helps mental recovery.

These aerosols of ocean water bring beneficial microorganisms: bacteria and phytoplankton, responsible for regenerating physiological effects, allow to control the immune system thus reducing the inflammatory response and preventing diseases caused by stress. The Breton coast is the perfect example of this promise. A unique, natural, raw and wild place, the coast awakens the senses and produces positive effects on the body and mind. The sound of the waves promotes sleep. The green color of the algae and all the other plants around it combined with the blue of the sea have a calming effect.

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A totally new approach to Nature is taking place all over the world, a natural progression for the Yves Rocher brand. Inspired by the “Earth & Ocean” complex, Yves Rocher researchers have combined their specific knowledge in plant science and marine biotechnology to create a 100% plant-based innovation with patented efficacy. A special blend of simple plants to highlight the Earth & Ocean union: nasturtium and tetraselmis microalgae extract. In particular, the latter more than basic algae, they play a role in the air purification process by capturing the CO2 which is essential for photosynthesis. In the oceans, these microorganisms float just above the surface of the water. Ideally located between water and air, their photosynthesis is particularly effective: thanks to their photoreceptors, the Microalgae can move and capture the best light as well as CO2, maximizing energy production. As a sea plant with detoxifying power, Tetraselmis Microalgae has been selected to combat the negative environmental factors caused by pollution and which accelerate skin aging.

The nasturtium it is among the largest oxygen producing plants on the planet. In nature, the nasturtium uses the special morphology of its rounded leaves to optimize its photosynthesis and its production of oxygen. Covered by a variegated roughness, its completely impermeable leaves allow the plant to use the raindrops to get rid of dust and foreign residues. This ability allows you to capture light which is essential for producing oxygen. Thanks to its oxygenating properties, nasturtium increases the oxygenation of skin cells by invigorating it.

These two plants together have allowed to give life to a 100% vegetable innovation patented on the one hand to stimulate the oxygenation of the skin by conveying oxygen (+ 45%) and increasing the use of the latter by the cells ( + 62%), on the other hand to stimulate the detoxifying action of the cells by activating specific mechanisms. A complex of active ingredients with unique efficacy has been developed by combining a nasturtium extract grown according to the principles of agroecology in our fields in La Gacilly with an extract of tetraselmis microalgae grown off the Breton coast in photobioreactors. These are two methods of natural and responsible procurement that our Researchers have gradually optimized and perfected over the course of 25 years of research.

To represent this new approach to beauty that incorporates the combative, independent and above all woman with a winning character was chosen Federica Pellegrini. Divine of blue swimming and undisputed protagonist of Italian sport in the last twenty years, it has water as its habitat. «It is my peace, my determination. From the earth, however, I take my strength, my energy. I am the meeting of these two worlds. The Elixir Botanique Line is perfect for me because it is born from the union between Earth and Ocean, from which I derive energy, strength, hydration and brightness, a perfect cocktail for the health of my skin. In particular, the Elixir Botanique Serum is my favorite: it takes care of my skin, subjected to a lot of stress, in a truly unique way: it fortifies, oxygenates and hydrates it, making it purer and more radiant, ready for any challenge “, says the champion. of swimming.

On the occasion of this launch, Yves Rocher decided to support a project for the protection of sea turtles from plastic in the center Tartamare, second classified in the Terre De Femmes award. The brand donated 80 thousand euros.

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