The queen is better off: she walks with a cane, but she wants to participate in the celebrations in honor of her beloved Philip

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Elizabeth II introduced herself in public to visit the British company’s artifact exhibit Halcyon Days, one of the fourteen in Great Britain to have been awarded all three royal awards established by the monarchy and the only one to provide the English palaces with objects of art. The sovereign was already supposed to visit the iconic Staffordshire factory in 2020, but the event has been skipped due to the pandemic. It would have been one of the official appointments in view of the 70th anniversary of her reign (the Jubilee which will now take place in June).

Like this the meeting was set up at home, in the White Drawing Room of Windsor Castlethe first seven weeks after its memorial event held in Sandringham.

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The jewels and precious objects, all rigorously handmade, belong to the history of the United Kingdom and the sovereign particularly appreciated the display cases with the design of the 1950s, the period in which the brand was founded (two years before the beginning of the reign of Elizabeth II). However, they probably reminded her of the Queen Mother, a great lover of Halcyon Daysto the point of commissioning a jewelry box for his home in Clarence House.

In short, on March 23, the Queen, now 95, gave great smiles and reassured his subjects about his state of health. She presented herself with a simple stick with silver inlays, leaning on it during the walk, but without showing obvious signs of fatigue. In recent days, however, there had been rumors that she did not want to be seen in public in a wheelchair, not to repeat what happened with his sister, Princess Margaret, whose photos were taken a few months before her death they would have damaged his dignity in some way without modestly preserving the very delicate moment.

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It was thought that His Majesty would not participate, again for health reasons, to the memorial in honor of his wife, the late Prince Philip (next Tuesday 29 March at Westminster Abbey). The presence has not been confirmed, but the intent to spare her strength has been leaked – as anticipated by the The Sun – with a 15-minute helicopter ride from Windsor Castle to Buckingham Palace, with a short drive to the cathedral. The protocol provides for a ceremony lasting over an hour and at court it is feared that the sovereign will not be able to sit for so long.

The event will be attended by the children (including Prince Andrew, despite the sexual scandals), but Prince Harry will miss the appeal of the grandchildrenwho does not feel adequately protected since he is no longer a senior member of the monarchy.

WINDSOR, ENGLAND – MARCH 23: Queen Elizabeth II meets Pamela Harper (hidden) and Dr Peter Harper from British craftwork company, Halcyon Days as she views a display of artefacts to commemorate the company’s 70th anniversary in the White Drawing Room at Windsor Castle, on March 23, 2022 in Windsor, England. The Queen viewed a selection of hand-decorated archive enamelware and fine bone china, including their earliest designs from the 1950s. (Photo Steve Parsons – WPA Pool / Getty Images)WPA Pool
Britain’s Queen Elizabeth II smiles as she arrives to view a display of artefacts from Halcyon Days to commemorate the company’s 70th anniversary in the White Drawing Room at Windsor Castle on March 23, 2022. – The Queen viewed a selection of hand-decorated archive enamelware and fine bone china from Halcyon Days, including their earliest designs from the 1950s. (Photo by Steve Parsons / POOL / AFP) (Photo by STEVE PARSONS / POOL / AFP via Getty Images)STEVE PARSONS

Source: Vanity Fair

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