The representative of the list and Valentino, chronicle of a love

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It is certainly one of the image projects more interesting and memorable than this Sanremo 2021 that is coming to an end. The list representative, evening after evening, he won us over with a song that gets more and more into your head to listen to, never leave it again, Amare, but also with one stage presence powerful and precise, theatrical but without smudges, engaging, almost violent, but very elegant and sophisticated.

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To contribute in a more than significant way, we venture fundamentally, to the clear intensity of their performances, is also a Valentino wardrobe that strikes the heart even before the eyes, an integral and irreplaceable part of the moments that saw them protagonists on the stage of the Ariston.

Couple outfit romantic and brash, energetic and scenographic, in lively and vibrant nuances – from fuchsia initial, al corallo, until the rosso very Valentino on Friday – capable with their fluidity of emphasizing every nuance of Veronica’s interpretation like a megaphone, which reformulates the concept of genderless, in the name of total freedom – that so truly fluid in flooding all kinds of oneself – which is at the same time the initial stimulus and ultimate goal of their Sanremo exploit.

As the The list representative in our video interview.

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