The resignations that have upset even the big multinational companies

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The trend started in the United States but gradually moved to the other side of the Atlantic, spread to dozens of European countries and eventually reached the market work and our country. Young people aged between 25 and 35 yearsthe so-called abroad and as generations Generation Z and Millennialsare increasingly focused on well-being and the balance between the time they should devote to their work and their private lives, with the result that when this is not achieved they turn to resignationnamely in voluntarily leaving work judging that they receive too little money in relation to the work they produce.

The YOLO philosophy

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Finally, in this year’s study, 58% of employers agree that it is important to have a strategy that aligns the human reimg and them skills with the future business needs. 74% say they are ready to hire employees from abroad and allow them to work from anywhere if they have necessary or hard-to-find skills.

What young people with notable qualifications desire is to they work “smart”. To produce work from wherever they are if this is possible by the nature of the work (via computers) and to are paid satisfactorily so that both they and the business are winners. At the same time, let them stay sufficient time to live the Zoe them to the extremes. After all… you only live once. Yolo!

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Source: News Beast

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