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“The Russians are walking, the defense is collapsing” – Ukrainian commander speaks of “betrayal”

The latest reports from the Ukrainian front are of great difficulty in the Ukrainian camp and a commander has confirmed this, questioning whether there is any treachery going on. Denys Yaroslavskyi, commander of a Ukrainian reconnaissance unit, spoke to the BBC and commented on the situation in Kharkiv where the Russian army is pounding to seize the area's airport. “The Russians are walking… There is no line of defense, it has collapsed,” he said and added that “they had not even set up any minefields, there was nothing to stop the Russians.” “Whether it is an act of negligence or corruption. It wasn't a failure. It might have been treason,” he said later, showing drone footage showing no Ukrainian frontline defenses. According to a report by Business Insider, the testimony of Denys Yaroslavskyi is added to one of many that report serious problems in the Ukrainian camp, which records major shortages of munitions, especially bullets and artillery shells. Some analysts are ominous for her […]
Source: News Beast

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