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Uniswap founder: Biden needs to change approach to crypto to win

According to the founder and CEO of the decentralized exchange (DEX) Uniswap, Hayden Adams, Joe Biden has his priorities wrong.

Adams calls for the current US President to think about cryptocurrency as part of his election campaign.

Biden is running out of time

The United States will hold presidential elections this November. Many in the crypto industry believe that digital assets will be one of the key points that all candidates should pay attention to.

This opinion is not limited to just the crypto community. Recently, the Digital Currency Group (DCG) team found that one in five Americans is considering a candidate position in crypto.

According to Hayden Adams, Biden miscalculated when he thought that digital assets would not matter in the upcoming election. In addition, it was the administration of the current president that gave a free hand to Senator Elizabeth Warren and the US Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC), who are “waging an all-out war” against crypto.

“Republicans have sensed the weakness and are increasingly beginning to support cryptocurrency. Biden doesn’t have much time left to change the situation,” wrote the Uniswap CEO.

Adams added that people close to the US President or the Democratic leadership should insist that Biden change his approach to crypto. All he has to do is show public support and ensure control over the actions of the SEC and Warren.

Trump exploits the topic of cryptocurrencies

Meanwhile, billionaire and former US President Donald Trump has finally slipped into the crypto industry. A few years ago, the candidate called Bitcoin (BTC) a scam, and now he accepts donations in cryptocurrency.

Earlier, analysts from the British bank Standard Chartered shared their opinion that the first cryptocurrency by capitalization could benefit from Trump’s victory.

According to experts, in recent statements the billionaire increasingly mentions digital assets. This could potentially hint that if he is elected, the government will soften its policies towards the crypto industry. However, this cannot be said with certainty, of course.

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