The sacred light of the Olympic Games, the sword of the crusaders and the galloping coronavirus

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Some of the most important events that unfolded in the past few days around the world follow in the following photos. The most representative images of the week always have the following components: Colors, passion, tears, effort, survival, joy, pain and that does not change.

This is because if a picture is worth a thousand words then you certainly do not need many words for the pictures below. In the snapshots that follow, then, they are condensed what happened to the world last week.

See how his camera lens recorded Associated Press the events that happened in the world in the last seven days.

Ancient Olympia, Greece

The sacred Olympic Flame was delivered to China for the Winter Olympics to be hosted in Beijing from February 4 to 20, 2022. The ceremony took place in Ancient Olympia, according to the traditional ritual, but without the presence of the public, due to restrictions measures for coronavirus.

The Greek actress Xanthi Georgiou, on the right, playing the role of High Priest, holds the torch during the lighting of the Olympic flame in Ancient Olympia, the birthplace of the Olympic Games.

Haifa, Israel: The diver with the gaze and the pirate sword

Ancient crusader sword

An amateur diver has pulled out a sword believed to belong to a crusader who sailed to the Holy Land nearly a millennium ago from the bottom of the Mediterranean. It was Atlit resident Slomi Katzin who discovered ancient artifacts on the seabed while diving off the coast of Carmel in Haifa last Saturday. He saw an ancient stone and metal anchors, fragments of pottery and the majestic sword.

Villa Epequen, Argentina: The abandoned ghost resort

Stray dog ​​on the street

A stray dog ​​walks at dusk on a street through the abandoned Villa Epecuen. The spa town of Argentina was a tourist mecca for much of the 20th century, until a nearby lake flooded through a broken embankment in 1985 and destroyed hotels, restaurants and other buildings.

Mecca, Saudi Arabia: Finally the distancing measures in the Grand Mosque

Believers around Mecca

Muslim pilgrims roam around the Kaaba, the cubic building in the Grand Mosque, without observing social distances for the first time since the start of the coronavirus pandemic in the Muslim holy city of Mecca in Saudi Arabia. The Home Office announced on Friday that due to a significant reduction in COVID-19 cases nationwide and high vaccination rates in the UK, some restrictions will be eased.

Port-au-Prince, Haiti: The selfie of rage

protester takes selfie

A protester takes a selfie in front of a burning roadblock set up by protesters in Port-au-Prince, Haiti. Workers outraged by the country’s insecurity went on strike in protest two days after a 17-member US missionary team was abducted.

Seoul, South Korea: Coronavirus traffic lights

colorful showcase

A visitor wandering the traffic lights at the Royal Culture Festival at Gyeongbok Palace, one of Seoul South Korea’s most popular tourist attractions, wears a face mask to help curb the spread of the coronavirus.

Mediterranean, Europe: A warm blanket and hope

Immigrants under blankets

Immigrants rest on the deck of the rescue ship Sea Watch-3 in the SAR zone of Malta. Between October 17 and 18, Sea Watch-3 rescued 412 migrants from seven different boats in danger and is currently seeking a safe haven to disembark.

Moscow, Russia: Fresh graves await hundreds of dead

Cemetery in Russia

An aerial view shows fresh graves in the Yastrebkovskoe cemetery, which serves as one of the burial sites of those who died of coronavirus, outside Moscow.

The government working group on coronavirus reported 36,339 new confirmed infections and more than a thousand deaths in the last 24 hours. This raised the death toll in Russia to 227,389, by far the highest in Europe.

Moscow Mayor Sergei said all restaurants, cafes and non-food shops, gyms, cinemas and other entertainment venues in the Russian capital would be closed from October 28 to November 7.

Bethlehem, Palestine: The Concrete Wall in the Blocked West Bank

Super-Orthodox Jew

A pro-Orthodox Jew gets on a bus near the concrete dam built by Israel to secure Rachel’s tomb, the third holiest shrine in Judaism, during an annual mass prayer that drew tens of thousands of worshipers to honor her. Rachel, in the city of Bethlehem, on the West Bank.

Tehran, Iran: Art in the Service of Religion

Dancers in Iraq

The Khishtan art group performs the Sama dance, or Sufi dance, in a theater in central Tehran, Iran. Sama is a popular form of worship in Sufism.

Baghdad, Iraq: Everyone has the right to entertainment

All people have the right to have fun no matter how tired and tired they are. Citizens in Baghdad enjoy a walk in an amusement park depicted with the moon in the background.

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