The sex-saving gestures for new parents

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It happens a little to all couples in the aftermath of the birth of a child: less time spent in intimacy and inevitably reduced sexual activity. Because a baby changes everything and it can be difficult to maintain a regular, healthy and exciting activity under the sheets.

If on the one hand it is true that immediately after becoming parents we tend to leave sex in the background, on the other we must find ways to keep marital passion alive, to avoid entering a vicious spiral in which the habit of no longer finding physical intimacy with the partner may prevail.

“It is essential to keep in mind that when you enjoy a harmonious sex life this has a cascading positive impact on all the different areas of life of the individual: personal, couple, family”, comments psychotherapist and sexologist Valentina Cosmi questioned about the matter by LELO, a leading company in the sex toys sector. “A satisfying sexual-affective life is able to improve the harmony and quality of existence both with oneself and with one’s partner. This is also true when the couple is experiencing the wonderful experience of the arrival of a child. An overwhelming event that, at times, can put a strain on the couple’s intimacy ”, confirms the sexologist.

However, we must not panic: it is natural to have to find an understanding after the birth of a child which becomes a physiological transition period. We are welcoming many new things and depriving ourselves of something “old” like sex. After some time however, the situation should tend to normalize by itself and if this does not happen maybe try with the help of some suggestions. And if even initially following some advice might seem mechanical, you have to trust in the fact that finding all the spontaneity you need is an excellent intimacy and a healthy passion is possible.

Perhaps starting a reestablish physical contact: “Touching is good for relationships and health. Even when you become a parent, this aspect should not be overlooked: physicality is an integral part of a healthy intimate life. Just holding hands is also important. Giving or receiving a massage, caressing each other on the sofa: these are all actions that allow you to circulate beneficial emanations! Furthermore, couples often tend to underestimate how important contact is also in the extended family dimension: children learn the value of contact and tenderness, precisely by observing the behavior of their parents “, suggests the sexologist.

He continues: «When you become a parent, privacy and free time diminish, and you risk waiting in vain for the perfect moment to devote to pleasure. Instead, it is important that every couple can find a way to indulge in pleasure, without necessarily having to plan the intimate meeting with the partner on the agenda but also keeping in mind that time and space (first of all mental and then concrete) which are fundamental to get to have an intimate exchange with the other. As with every aspect of our life, if we really want to share something with the other, we will find a way to “meet” and this undoubtedly also applies to sexuality ».

In the gallery other sex-saving gestures recommended by the sexologist Valentina Cosmi to rekindle the erotic fuse of new parents.


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