“The soul of water”: The huge white sculpture that makes a statement in the port of New York

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A tall statue of a female head with the index finger pressing the lips now sees the Manhattan along the river Hudson, calling on the chaotic metropolis to stop and listen.

“Water, when it moves, makes a special sound, very special,” said the artist Jaume Plensa based in Barcelona.

Her message “Soul of water” of 24 meters – Plensa’s greatest work to date – is “to be silent,… to hear the deep noise of the water talking to us,” he said in an interview.

White painted head gives a sweeping view of the river in front of a forest of high-rise buildings on the fast-growing waterfront Newport. It is located just opposite Greenwich Village and about six miles from Statue of Liberty, a more intimate port keeper.

One late morning, when the Plensa saw his work fully assembled for the first time, his call for silence with his finger on his lips competed with the diesel engines from the nearby terminal Hoboken, the roar of helicopters and the cries and laughter of children who filled the corridors of the river with prams.

But these are not the noises that o Plensa says that his work of art aims.

“I’m talking about the noise of information and messages to us,” he told Galerie Lelong Co of New York, where an exhibition of his new works will open on October 29.

THE Plensa, 66 years old, accepted the assignment to create this sculpture about two years ago by them LaFrak and Simon Property Group, who have developed the area, including the plot where “The Soul of Water” is located, as he named his project.

Depicting a real model whose image was scanned, the sculpture was made of polyester resin, fiberglass and marble powder in her studio Plensa’s Barcelona and was sent in 23 containers, each 12 meters long, to its place Jersey City for assembly.

“In many parts I ask the viewer: Close your eyes and look inside you, because you are hiding an amazing amount of beauty inside you,” he said.

His tracks include mostly women, he says, because he sees life and the world as female, while “boys are just an accident – a very nice accident, but an accident.”

The «Water’s Soul» one can see it better than the river, he pointed out.

“It’s a tribute to water and it’s in the water where you can enjoy it the most,” he concluded.

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