The Stories We are, Loredana: “Let us embrace the child we have adopted”

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Loredana and her husband Lino, both professionals from Avezzano, are waiting from 2019 to be able to hug the Chinese child they have adopted. After a long bureaucratic process they obtained the “Green passport” or the combination in adoption by Mattia. «The green parchment is a document sent to China and with which the families accept the matching proposal officially with its signature. This document “commits the two states to cooperate for the conclusion of the adoption process thus started”.

When Loredana and Lino were supposed to leave, the pandemic stopped everything. First the flights to China. So almost two years went by. A huge time in which Loredana, and like her 35 other families, wait to be able to take a plane and take her baby home. “Mattia is three years old now and we haven’t heard from him since March. I only see a photo of my son every 6 months if I’m lucky. He was 18 months old when I decided to adopt him».

But even when the world began to reopen its doors for Loredana and Lino, nothing has changed. “Llast summer the travels resumed but for us it was not possible. We have not yet understood the reason, because a safe trip for 35 families was and is still possible today. Another year has passed and it is summer again, with everything returning to semi-normalcy and no one to assure us that we could hug our children. Mattia is now three years old and we haven’t received any news from him since March ».

The child adopted by Loredana and Lino needs medical attention and surgery. “For this reason, the law would also allow a state flight, as happened in the past for the Congo. Furthermore, in a situation like this, it would be preferable for our children to stay at home with their family, rather than in the promiscuity of an Institute. I wonder why it is possible for Belarusian children to think of a humanitarian flight and inter-ministerial work tables are organized while we are only dealt with by the Commission for international adoptions, which lacks a president.

And as the world begins to reopen and there is talk of Olympics in China, these families have no answers. “We ask for a humanitarian flight, at our expense, we are willing to submit to any rule that Italy and China want to impose on us in order to embrace our son. It is necessary a speech by Prime Minister Mario Draghi and President Sergio Mattarella ».

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