The (sustainable) lightness of duvets

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What’s the first word that comes to your mind when you think of padded jackets? Could it be softness? Warmth, or practicality? The brand add has decided to associate 4 terms with its creations, choosing from those that best represent not only the garments, but also the philosophy of the company: Lightness, Design, Embracing e Value, that is lightness, design, comfort and value.

A set of concepts that tell the identity of this brand that, since 1999, has been making high quality duvets, recognized by many for the excellence of the materials and processes used, but also for the refined and tailored attention to style.

Long down jacket with hood, add

This season he decided to celebrate his values ​​with the collection Back to Earth, a line of capi timeless, woman, man and kids, designed to last over time and to go beyond the fashion hits of the fashions of the moment. Classic but special lines, ideal for those in search of right outerwear, the one chosen with care and that we want to stay with us for several seasons.

Yes why add focuses precisely on this concept of “long-term style”, and on fit that look beyond the present and project into the future, in order to get closer and closer to the concept of sustainability, avoiding, for example, the environmental impact of fast -fashion. Back to Earthin fact, it is the beginning of a sustainable path that the company is undertaking and which will see complete development in the next collections.

Quest’autumn-winter 2021/22 the color palette for women is varied, from pastel shades (baby pink is a must) to more classic colors and more energetic colors. The models, then, are suitable for every silhouette. There are those Embracing, soft and with enveloping lines, and City Daily made of high-performance materials, perfect even in the city. And then the Urban Freetime, in which the exclusive material appears Rainless completely waterproof, ideal for enjoying your free time with dynamism and energy.

And for the man? The protagonist is the print that reproduces a satellite photo of the Earth but also stronger colors such as yellow and red that color bright and ultra-light fabrics. And then, for both him and her, the capsule add coats, coats featuring wool and technical fabrics, combined with down padding.

Ultralight and water-repellent nylon down jacket, add
Down jacket in ultralight and water-repellent nylon, add

Do you want to see other models? Browse the gallery above to discover more images of Back to Earth, the fall-winter 2021/22 collection by add.

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