The Telegram function for those who hate video messages (and other news)

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A few days after the debut of the Communities on WhatsApp, the competition unveils some new features that users will undoubtedly like. IS Telegramin fact, to announce new functions that will make the moments in which we text with friends and colleagues even more versatile.

In addition to the introduction of 12 new sets of emojisPremium users can now get the transcription of video messages: since the launch of Telegram Premium, in fact, subscribers have been able to convert any voice message into text and the new update adds the same functionality for video messages. That’s enough tap the icon depicting a TO flanked by an arrowwhich appears at the bottom right of a video message, to obtain an instant transcript of what is said in the video message.

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Those who attend groups, on the other hand, will find the i topic: in conversations with more than 200 members you can create separate spaces for each individual topic. You can then get individual chats within the group while maintaining support for respective shared media and notification settings. Obviously, the topics will have to be enabled by the group administrators who will be able to control the permissions on the members who can create and manage individual conversations.

And there are still more changes as the new update allows you to assign different collectible usernames to each of their accounts and public chats: TON, a fast and scalable blockchain network, guarantees ownership of the usernames.

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They also make their debut, new ones design improvementsother reactions and interactive emojis but above all further dark themes for mode Night of iOS which make the colors more balanced with blur effects during the scrolling improved, and a new option – for Android users – useful for enlarge text in chats including link previews and response titles.

To take advantage of the new features immediately, you need to install thelatest version of Telegram available for free in digital stores and on the official website.

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Source: Vanity Fair

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