The terrifying image she saw on the security camera has “haunted” her – They are even considering moving

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A mother of four from Pennsylvania he was so terrified of a fantastic image in security camera her who couldn’t sleep and her family thought to move because they consider this specific haunted house.

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“I couldn’t sleep again, I laid down and turned on the TV because I was scared,” said the 34-year-old Amanda Pitt, in The Mirror. “I kept going to camerabut I couldn’t see it anymore, so I thought maybe I was seeing things. The next morning I didn’t know what to do.”

Pitt woke up when she heard “heavy steps” at her home at 3:40 a.m. on October 21. When he looked at the security camera, he saw one figure who looked like ghost standing in her kitchen doorway. “I made sure Jeffrey was still there in bed because I thought it could be him,” the woman explained. “I checked the camera and I looked at her for a while because I thought I saw someone,” he added.

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She woke Geoffrey, her husband, and sent him downstairs to see if an intruder had entered the house, but he found no one home – and no sign of break-in. The family dog, Ollie, was the only one walking around the kitchen. Pete he got upset so much from what he saw, that he could not sleep again. He was watching TV for to relax. She took a snapshot of the figure, but even then she continued to check the camera, sure that she had imagined what she saw. The mother says that the apparition made her “question everything.”

However, this is not the first “ghost” incident which can be remembered by family and the strange occurrences set them to thinking to move. “Things have happened here before”, Pete said. “The people who lived here before didn’t live in the house very long, but we never found out why.”

The family moved into the house in 2020, and Pete regularly receives alerts on his phone from the security he has, even when nobody is home He said the family also listens regularly strange noises around the house. The first really strange event happened when the family was outside the house and the security camera recorded a door in the house opening. opens by itself. Another time the kitchen sink opened by itself. I never believed in ghosts, but things have happened that make us question it.” insisted the 34-year-old. “This image is terrifying. Thinking that there is such a thing in the home you, you question everything”, broadcasts Nypost.

When we first moved in, nothing happened,” he continued. “But after almost a whole year something would happen and we would say that it was nothing». “We’re just confused we question everything when we hear things now. You can’t live with me fearyou just question everything,” he concluded.

Source: News Beast

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