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The transitional council in Haiti is sworn in and takes office immediately

The so-called presidential transition council in Haiti will be sworn in today and take office. The ceremony, which has been expected for weeks, will take place in the morning (local time) in the capital Port-au-Prince. A press release released yesterday by Mr. Henri's office states that the ceremony will take place at the prime minister's official residence, the Villa d'Accueil, and not at the Palais National, the presidential seat in the center of the city, which has been repeatedly targeted gang attacks in recent days. Earlier, powerful gang leader Jimmy Serizier, also known as “Barbecue,” a former Haitian police officer, demanded that representatives of organized crime take part in talks on Haiti's political future. The transition council is expected to name a new caretaker prime minister, who will in turn form a government, tasked with restoring public order and then holding elections in the crisis-ridden Caribbean nation. However, the swearing-in and assumption of duties of the body was delayed […]
Source: News Beast

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