The treasure buried by the Nazis is being sought after 80 years

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The Nazi they are not only known for their concentration camps and crimes, but also for the fact that they stole nationals treasures in German-occupied countries, which they sold to collectors and “neutral” states, such as the Vatican. Since then, various stories have circulated about the fate of the stolen goods, which include Picasso paintings, ancient Greek statues and Roman coins, among others.

So in the first days of 2023, The Dutch National Archives has declassified classified documents and revealed a map dating back to 1945where it allegedly shows the location of a hidden Nazi hoard.

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Their reporter New York Times, Claire Mosesin a response from the Netherlands, documents the frenzy that prevails after this revelation and cites the story that dates back to the middle of the 20th century, but has only just become known to the general public.

The Dutch village of Ommeren, where hundreds flock to hunt for lost treasure

Also, the second theory states that some member of the five-man group of German soldiers probably returned and dug up the treasurewhile Tuesday that valuables they were spotted in 1947 by a member of the Dutch expedition, who secretly took the loot.

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So far, nobody knows the reality and especially if the story is true, as it only refers to the newly declassified documents. The result, however, is to become famous in a picturesque village in Holland, where the few inhabitants will see their income increased by treasure hunters who hope to locate the loot of the Nazis.

Source: News Beast

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