The trick is there but (really) you can’t see it: how to make a natural make-up

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The world has always been divided into two broad categories: those of team #nomakeup, which in the last pandemic year has welcomed more and more addicted (and among these many celebs who on Instagram showed themselves free from make-up but with flawless skin), and the #makeupforever, who just don’t give up on foundation, concealers, mascara, blush & Co.. The latter category includes a large array that with bright eye shadows, smokey eye, eyeliner winged, glitter and lipsticks strong prefers the minimalism of nude and neutral, in short, that focuses on a trick that appears as close as possible to not having it.

Practically, a natural makeup.

The rest let’s talk about a look that works on everyone and at any age, always and on every occasionwhether it’s a Zoom call, an outdoor trip or even a wedding. But being able to make make-up look like a nomake-up is not that simple as it might seem. “A concept that is more current than ever is to experience beauty in everyday life with a look as natural as possible, abandoning ultra complex and sophisticated make-up at least during the day”, he explains Patrizia Mazzitelli, Product & Training Director di EISENBERG Paris.

The French brand has launched the line Makeup essentials, consisting of 6 products that make up and skincare one of the strongest trends born precisely in the era of lockdown. «Eisenberg reveals the perfection of perfect make-up, born from the fusion of care and performance of the most technical make-up: we are in the era of Makecare, there are no more excuses for not revealing one’s natural beauty»Continues the expert.

By now we all know that theA key to radiant makeup starts with clean, hydrated skin. A tip that make-up artist Stephanie Flor provides is to massage the face for three to five minutes before starting the beauty routine (maybe even with the help of device of the latest generation such as Bear of the Swedish branch Foreo which, as the Lookfantastic experts reveal, has just ranked third among the most popular skincare brands in the world): “This technique allows the pores to open and the blood to start circulating to even out the skin tone naturally. I learned this in Japan. It helps to take care of yourself before putting on make-up », explains a InStyle. After that we move on to cleansing the face, applying a moisturizing tonic and an oil for the face.

“Skin care is one of the most important steps when creating a makeup-free look”adds makeup artist Ricky Wilson. «The more the base is flawless, the more the foundation and concealer will be. So after cleansing and toning the skin, it is important to massage a serum and eye contour on the face. Last step skincare, the moisturizer ».

Before applying the foundation, however, don’t forget the primer that «regenerates and smoothes offering an already perfect base even with just a veil of bronzing powder. Others indispensable for flawless natural makeup are the concealer which, in addition to perfecting the complexion, offers a decongestant action and a prolonged hydration plus to the delicate skin around the eyes. Of course, the foundation which protects from sunlight and cell oxidation with natural extracts and ultra-technological forms », suggests Patrizia Mazzitelli.

For those who want a touch glow extra stroboscopic, Stephanie Flor recommends mix a few drops of liquid highlighter with the foundation, or mix the latter with the moisturizer for a result glossy and dazzling. Without forgetting a final touch of blush the bronzer.

And the eyes? “Of course, let’s not forget the look dto highlight with reinforcing and stimulating mascara at the same time eyelash growth thanks to the latest generation of natural active ingredients and moisturizing agents that avoid the breaking effect of mechanical stress. Finally the lips to be made perfectly hydrated and smoothed naturally or with a veil of color thanks to precious oils and targeted natural ingredients contained in the latest generation lipsticks and balms », concludes the Product & Training Director of EISENBERG Paris.

To then fix everything, we spray on the face a Fixing Spray that refreshes and “seals” natural makeup for several hours.

In the gallery the cosmetics never again without for a makeup not makeup which gives the complexion extreme brightness and appearance good minne we really need to start putting the pandemic behind us.

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