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“The Ukrainian counterattack was not so successful, we need a way out,” Meloni revealed to Russian pranksters

THE Georgia Meloni in September he fell victim farce by Russian comedians and based on what has come out, he revealed that “everyone is looking for a way out” of war in Ukrainebecause “the counterattack was not as successful as expected.”

In an audio making the rounds on the internet from prank that took place on September 18the prime minister of Italy is heard saying that “we are close to the moment when everyone will understand that we need a way out. The problem is to find one that can be accepted without destroying international law».

The Ukrainian counteroffensive was not as successful as expected in the spring, it may not go as they expected. It’s moving forward, but it hasn’t changed the fortunes of the conflict. So, everyone understands that it can take many years if we don’t try to find solutions“, he said afterwards.

“The problem is what is an acceptable solution, without opening more conflictsMeloni added, thinking she was talking to the African Union committee chairman.

Source: News Beast

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