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Web rescues interview in which MC Daniel says he wouldn’t be with Yasmin Brunet

Internet users rescued the video of an interview in which MC Daniel says he would not be with model Yasmin Brunet out of respect for Gabriel Medina, the blonde’s ex-husband.

Rumors of an alleged relationship between the model and the singer have been circulating on social media for around two months.

The alleged affair caused internet users to retrieve a video, published a year ago on YouTube, in which the singer says he would not be with the model, justifying being Gabriel Medina’s partner.

“You are crazy? Medina, man. I became a partner a few days ago. Hail Medina, my partner. You are a monster”, said the singer in an interview with Matheus Mazzafera during the segment “I catch, I think, I pass”.

Yasmin and Medina started dating in 2020 and got married in the same year, in Hawaii. The marriage came to an end last year after numerous controversies involving the blonde and the surfer’s family.

Romance rumors between Yasmin and Daniel gained strength after the singer shared records of a dinner with the model and some friends.

Last week, the blonde was present at the funk singer’s grandmother’s birthday party. A photo of her with MC Daniel, the singer’s mother and grandmother, was posted on Instagram stories by the singer.

Despite the rumors, the two maintain that they are just friends.

Source: CNN Brasil

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