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The US government lifts the ban on the use of US weapons in Ukraine’s Azov battalions

The administration of US President Joe Biden has decided to lift the ban on the use of US weapons imposed on a controversial unit of the Ukrainian army, the Washington Post reported on Monday, citing the State Department. The U.S. State Department has decided to end a decade-old ban on the Azov brigade, which covered both training by U.S. troops and the use of U.S.-made weapons, after an analysis concluded there was no evidence of violations of human rights from the unit, according to the publication. “After a thorough examination, the Ukrainian 12th Azov Special Forces Brigade passed the Leahy check as conducted by the State Department,” according to a statement from the US State Department obtained by the newspaper. The State Department did not immediately respond when asked by Reuters for comment. The so-called Leahy Act, named after Democratic former senator Patrick Leahy, prohibits US military aid to […]
Source: News Beast

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