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Victims of floods in RS will have free access to documents, says government

The government of Rio Grande do Sul signed this Monday (10) a cooperation agreement that aims to facilitate access for the population affected by the floods to civil documents.

According to the state government, 40 institutions are part of the project, called Central Citizenship. The first joint operation will be carried out next week, from June 17th to 23rd, between 1pm and 6pm, in the parking lot of the Total shopping mall, in Porto Alegre. Subsequently, the project should expand to serve other cities.

The participating institutions will be gathered in one place to prioritize the homeless population or those in vulnerable situations. All document issuances will be free and carried out through joint efforts.

According to the latest Civil Defense report, the rains in Rio Grande do Sul affected more than 2.3 million people in 478 municipalities. The tragedies left 173 dead, 38 missing and 806 injured.

How will it work

Among the documents that can be renewed are birth and marriage certificates, duplicate identity cards, the Individual Taxpayer Registry (CPF) and the National Driving License (CNH). Medical expertise and legal guidance services will also be provided during opening hours.

On service days, the State Foundation for Metropolitan and Regional Planning (Metroplan) will leave some buses available to provide free transport directly from the capital’s shelters to Shopping Total.

During the signing of the agreement, governor Eduardo Leite (PSDB) explained the importance of these emissions, including for the distribution of aid. “This is a basic element for exercising citizenship, especially at this time. The records, registrations and all the information that the State has are essential for the population to be served.”

Available services

  • Property Registry: duplicates of property registrations;
  • Civil Registry of Natural Persons: duplicates of birth, marriage and death certificates;
  • Federal Revenue: CPF services;
  • Rio Grande Sul Traffic Department: second copies of CNH;
  • General Institute of Expertise: reprint of the identity card;
  • Federal Police: information regarding migrant documentation;
  • UN Refugee Agency (UNHCR): guidance for refugees, asylum seekers and migrants;
  • International Organization for Migration (IOM) – specialized multilingual assistance, information and guidance on documentation for migrants and migration regularization processes;
  • Secretariat of Justice, Citizenship and Human Rights: general information on access to Human Rights, such as the guidance and reporting service provided by the Department of Consumer Rights Defense (Procon RS);
  • Emergency Itinerant Justice: filing of actions in the Special Civil and Finance Court, duplicates of terms of custody, guardianship and guardianship, forwarding of new requests for custody, guardianship and guardianship and procedural information;
  • Military Court of Justice: information, guidance, clarifications, complaints and reports;
  • State Coordination for Children and Youth: guidance in the area of ​​childhood;
  • State Public Ministry: public service for MPRS demands;
  • State Public Defender’s Office: comprehensive and free legal guidance in the civil, family, health, consumer, criminal, childhood and youth areas;
  • Regional Electoral Court: printing of duplicates, certificates and payment of electoral fines;
  • Porto Alegre City Hall: Department of Social Development, Municipal SINE, Unified Registry and Mobile Health Unit;
  • Caixa Econômica Federal: guidance on Salary Allowance, Bolsa Família, FGTS/PIS, nest egg, Unemployment Insurance and Caixa Tem;
  • Fundação Gaúcha do Trabalho e Ação Social: labor intermediation, unemployment insurance forwarding;
  • Regional Labor Court of the 4th Region: information on the progress of legal proceedings and awareness actions related to the topic of work;
  • Federal Public Ministry: information to the population regarding the agency’s intervention demands;
  • Public Ministry of Labor: receiving complaints and requests for mediation;
  • Ministry of Labor and Employment: facilitating the anticipation of PIS, access to the Digital Work Card and clarification of doubts about Unemployment Insurance;
  • Federal Military Justice – 1st Audit of the 3rd Military Judiciary Circuit: issuance of negative certificate, service by the ombudsman;
  • Military Public Prosecutor’s Office – Military Justice Prosecutor’s Office of Porto Alegre: information to the population, receipt of news related to the agency’s intervention;
  • Federal Regional Attorney’s Office of the 4th Region: judicial conciliation service in Federal Justice social security actions;
  • Regional Attorney’s Office of the Union of the 4th Region: conciliation in legal demands filed against the Union;
  • Federal Public Defender’s Office: guidance and legal assistance on federal issues;
  • Department of Federal Medical Expertise: carrying out federal medical expertise;
  • INSS: information on social security services and benefits;
  • Federal Regional Court of the 4th Region: procedural information and registration of requests for preferential processing, conciliation and issuance of Clearance Certificate;
  • Brazilian Bar Association/RS: guidance and legal assistance to the needy population;
  • Federal University of Rio Grande do Sul: civil legal guidance, customer service, Over-indebtedness and University Legal Assistance Service;
  • Pontifical Catholic University of Rio Grande do Sul: legal guidance in the civil, family, criminal and labor areas, guidance on assistance benefits and Consumer Counter.

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Source: CNN Brasil

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