Home Entertainment «The Vanishing Color»: the new color for the fight against deforestation

«The Vanishing Color»: the new color for the fight against deforestation

«the Vanishing Color»: The New Color For The Fight Against

The lung of the world it is at the same time one of the places most at risk in the world: it is the Amazon rainforest which, due to wild deforestation, loses more than a million trees a day. An alarming fact on which we should all reflect: for this reason, on the occasion of Earth Day, Lavazza, with Pantone Color Institute, has developed a new shade of green, the same as these precious trees endangered by man: it is «The Vanishing Color», that is «The color that vanishes».

A new color, universally recognizable, born thanks to the commitment to sustainability of one of the largest Italian companies and the most authoritative body in the field of colors, The Vanishing Color it is a symbol of the struggle for the survival of the forests, and also a new emblem of theLavazza’s commitment to protect the environment.

Among the many projects carried out by Lavazza Foundation there is one that concerns the Amazon forest: a project carried out with the Cesvi Foundation, with which the company supports over 800 indigenous communities in the reforestation of the Peruvian Amazon, in the province of Tambopata in the Rio de Madre de Dios. It simultaneously aims to promote the conservation of the forest heritage and enriching degraded areas planting new plants.

The objectives achieved so far have already led to important results: first and foremost the reforestation of 60 hectares in areas with a low density of plants with Amazonian nut trees (among the most effective in absorbing emissions) which prevent the dispersion of over 4,000 tons of CO2, and then also the replanting of 16 hectares in desertified areas, with agroforestry systems that alternate Amazonian walnut, banana, copoazù and lemon trees. Meanwhile, the project goes on: the goal is to plant 36 thousand hectares of forest to save it from deforestation and allow Peru, and the whole world, to continue to breathe. To stay up to date, click on Lavazza’s sustainability projects, click on www.lavazza.it.



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