The whole of Afghanistan is under Taliban control

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The The Taliban announced today that they have taken full control of the Pansir Valley, Afghanistan’s last stronghold of the resistance., with the leader of the National Resistance Front Massoud declaring that he is safe.

During a press conference, Taliban spokesman Zabihullah Mujahid said the Pansir Valley, the last stronghold of the “enemy”, was occupied, explaining that the National Resistance Front “responded negatively” when the Islamists opposed it.

Mujahid added that there were no civilian casualties during the clashes, adding that the internet connection in Pansir province would be restored “from today”.

According to him, former Afghan Vice President Amrullah Saleh, who had taken refuge in Pansir and was fighting against the Taliban, fled to Tajikistan. On the part of the leader of the Massoud Front, he wrote on Twitter that “it is safe”.

Afghanistan: The new government under the Taliban

Regarding the new Afghan government, Mujahid said its composition would be announced soon, without specifying when, explaining that “some technical issues remain”, while rejecting reports that the announcement was delayed due to disagreements.

He added that the supreme leader of the Taliban, Haibatullah Ahunja, would soon make a public appearance.

Mujahideen also warned anyone trying to resist the Taliban and called on Afghan army members to return to serve in the new security services.

“The Islamic Emirate is very sensitive to the issue of uprisings. “Anyone who tries to provoke an uprising will be severely beaten,” he said. “Afghan security forces formed over the past 20 years will be called upon to rejoin the security forces on the side of the Taliban,” he said.

“With this victory and the last efforts, our country is now completely out of the vortex of war and our people can have a happy life with peace throughout the country,” Mujahid said earlier today in a Twitter post. .

He also vowed that there would be no retaliation against residents of the province, who belong to a different ethnicity from the Taliban. “They are our brothers and we will work together for a common goal and the prosperity of the country,” he said.

The importance of the Pansir Valley

The Pansir Valley, an inaccessible area in the heart of the Hindu Kush Mountains 80 kilometers north of Kabul, was the last stronghold of the Taliban, who seized power in Afghanistan on August 15 after a lightning strike after a lightning advance. foreign troops.

Pansir has been a stronghold of the Taliban for years; it was the site of the notorious Afghan warlord Ahmed Shah Massoud, who rose to prominence in the late 1990s before being assassinated by al Qaeda in 2001.

Pansir province was not occupied by the Islamist movement even during the first period it ruled Afghanistan (1996-2001).

The National Resistance Front is led by Ahmad Massoud, the son of warlord Massoud, and Amrullah Saleh, a former deputy prime minister who collapsed, a major enemy of the Taliban, who fled to the Pansir Valley.

The Front responded to the Taliban that it still held “strategic positions” in the valley, while pledging that “the fight against the Taliban and their allies will continue.”

There had initially been talks between the Taliban and the Front, with both sides saying they wanted to avoid clashes. However, they did not manage to reach a compromise.

During the night, the Front proposed a ceasefire, after suffering heavy losses over the weekend.

In particular, he announced that he “suggested to the Taliban to stop their military operations in Pansir (…) and withdraw their forces. In return, we asked our troops to refrain from any military action. “

EMA reported yesterday via Twitter that the representative of Fahim Dasti – a famous Afghan journalist – and General Abdul Udud Zara were killed in the fighting in recent days.

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