The Yandex search engine is now looking for answers on English-language sites and translates them

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Yandex announced the improvement of its search engine: now it displays responses to queries from English sites, translating them into Russian. Apparently, now Yandex does not interact with the entire English-speaking Internet, but only with popular sites about science, cinema, games and celebrities, as well as with the English Wikipedia (it has 6.5 million articles versus 1.7 million materials in the Russian version) and the popular Q&A service

The search engine performs machine translation – the company is confident that this technology has already reached the required level for comfortable use. Next to the information from the English-language site, an inscription is displayed indicating the translation – if desired, users can go to the source and read the page in the original language.

“We try to find the best answer – no matter what language it is in. Machine translation has reached the level that allows you to search for information in any source and translate it into Russian. We started with English-language sites, because they account for 63% of all information on the Internet, but this is only the first step towards erasing language boundaries in search, ”said Maxim Zagrebin, head of Yandex search.

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