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There is a pact of silence between whites to maintain privileges, says prosecutor

The case of racism suffered by Vinícius Júnior at the Valencia stadium last Sunday (21) did not go unpunished.

The Spanish club was fined and had a sector of the stands closed. The red card received by Vini Jr. after a disagreement with athletes from Valencia it was annulled. Furthermore, seven fans suspected of having hangof a gambler’s hanged doll on a bridge in Madrid, in January, ended up arrested last Tuesday (23).

But the repercussion against cases of racism in Spain is very late, in the evaluation of the prosecutor of the Public Ministry of Bahia (MP-BA) and author of the book “Cotas Raciais”, Lívia Sant’Anna Vazwhich points out that the Brazilian player suffered at least ten episodes of discrimination in stadiums from the country.

She alleges that,esttime, some measure was taken only thanks to the strong reaction of Vinícius Júnior himself, in addition to the charges officially made to the Spanish authorities by the Brazilian government. “There is a pact of silence to maintain privileges”, said Lívia Sant’Anna Vaz, in an interview with CNN Rádio. “It is uncomfortable to deal with racism and to bring accountability to people who practice and omit themselves in the face of racism.”

Combating racism in football is a “Herculean” task, but it is possible to change the scenario as long as there is effort from those responsible by the organization of sportaccording to the promoter. “We have to think about changing sports rules for more explicit and energetic sanctions for clubs.. Jgames without fans, loss of points, loss field command and relegation club automatic”, exemplifies.

In addition to punishing clubs, the prosecutor reinforces that criminal liability cannot fail to happen, remembering that racism can be classified as a hate crime in Spain.

Source: CNN Brasil

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