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There was a glitch in the Polkadot ecosystem amid an update

Polkadot parachains stopped producing blocks for about an hour after the update was implemented on the main network. This was reported by the Moonbeam team.

According to the developers of the parachain for EVM-compatible smart contracts, work resumed at approximately 14:36 ​​(Moscow time).

“Currently the network is functioning normally. We are waiting for details about the incident from the Polkadot team and will share more information later,” they added.

Co-founder of the DeStore Network RWA platform Dustin Lee clarified that during the upgrade, the runtime environment version 1.2.0 was deployed.

Bill Laboon of the Web3 Foundation noted that the update affected some wallets.

Polkadot (DOT) price did not react to the incident. Over the past 24 hours, quotes have increased by 4.5%. The coin is trading at ~$7.4, capitalization exceeds $10 billion.

In October 2023, Parity Technologies, the company behind the development of Polkadot, announced a reduction of 30% of its staff.

Source: Cryptocurrency

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