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Personal denies that Gracyanne cheated on Belo: “They were already separated”

The defense of personal trainer Gilson de Oliveira denied CNN this Monday (22), that he was the pivot of the separation between Belo and Gracyanne Barbosa.

Joabs Sobrinho, lawyer representing Gilson, stated that, when he was in a relationship with the influencer, she had already ended her marriage with the pagode singer.

“It was not in this term of betrayal”, declared Sobrinho. “She and Belo had been separated for more than eight months. She started to get involved with Gilson, but in doing so they used a boy as a scapegoat”, accused the lawyer.

According to the personal representative, Belo always knew about Gracyanne's affair with Gilson. He says that the two lived under the same roof just because they had just bought a house.

“Belo always knew she was with Gilson. It was never hidden,” she said. “She was separated from Belo with glasses. She was only in the same house because they have business together. She had just bought the house, she wasn’t going to leave anyway.”

Gilson has received threats

After being identified as the pivot of Belo and Gracyanne's separation, Gilson de Oliveira became the target of threats, as his lawyer declared to CNN .

“It’s all distorted, a lot of untruth. The boy is being threatened. The boy is being humiliated. His brother, who is autistic, can no longer even watch news about his brother's illness on television. Things are getting worse and worse for him and he decided to speak out”, said Sobrinho.

The two promise to reveal all the details of the case in a live broadcast that will air on Tuesday (23), at 7pm, on Joabs Sobrinho's YouTube channel. The broadcast will feature a presentation by actor Raul Gazolla, from “Deus Nos Acuda” and “Travessia”.

Treason is Belo's strategy, accuses lawyer

The lawyer also accuses Belo of having invented the story of betrayal to promote the first show of the “Sow3t0” tour, which marks the 30th anniversary of the band that revealed it and began on Friday (19) in São Paulo. Belo and Gracyanne's separation was confirmed to CNN on Thursday (18).

“They made a big deal out of this situation”, argues Sobrinho. “Leo Dias, as he is a good friend of Belo, decided, the day before the launch of Belo's tour, to release this in the media to promote the singer. His little show wasn't going to have the repercussions it did, putting betrayal in the middle. Soon a song comes out and he ends up being even more successful.”

Wanted by CNN , the press office that serves Gracyanne Barbosa e Belo did not respond. The article will be updated if there is a position from the ex-couple.

Belo cried during the first show of the Soweto revival tour, at Allianz Parque. The pagodeiro tried to sing “Reinventar”, one of his biggest hits, when he was moved to tears.

“I'm only here for you”, declared Belo before starting the song.

Source: CNN Brasil

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