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They accuse Britney Spears of being “fat-phobic” by pointing out Christina Aguilera’s physique

For several months, “the princess of pop”, Britney Spears, has taken her Instagram account as a means to communicate her feelings, her life and, above all, what goes through her head at all times. Not long ago, the 40-year-old singer used this social network to share, through audio, which she later deleted, her opinion about the differences she had with the father of her children, as well as with themselves.

However, on this occasion the interpreter of Toxic shared a message with an image that reads a phrase from Rodney Dangerfield, which says:

I discovered that there was only one way to look skinny: dating fat people.

Britney's Instagram quote

Britney took advantage of her publication to compare the choice of the dancers who accompanied Christina Aguilera and that, if she had had the faculty of choice, she would also have looked extremely thin.

Of course, the singer’s words provoked reactions in the artist’s followers, who begged her to delete said publication, calling it “fat-phobic” by indirectly comparing Christina’s physique with her dancers.

Let us remember that, in most of her messages published on Instagram, Britney mentions the situations she experienced during the 13 years in which she was under the guardianship of her father. But an audio also went viral on YouTube in which she explained a series of events, including that they called her fat every day and that they controlled what she ate all the time.

britney singing

By resuming this experience, the singer claimed to be traumatized for life not only with the image that has been sold of her body, but also because she was not allowed to give her opinion or decide on anything. In fact, she also pointed out that during that time, of the eight music videos that she filmed, the only one that she liked was the one for her song. work bitch.

Not having creative control of his own work was the beginning of a frustration, even with his photographs that he says were “supposedly professional” they were more offensive in each tour, because he pointed out that they could have deceived her by retouching them for her. However, it does not happened.

britney at home

The two days of photo shoots for the new Las Vegas shows were literally the worst. I was excited by the photos for five months of the ‘tour’ and they never showed me anything.

In addition, the singer stressed that she would have liked to be able to choose each person with whom she had to collaborate, but she did not have the power of choice nor could she decide which women worked with her. This was something that tormented her, without a doubt, because she believes that all those girls were thinner and that made her “look fatter”.

britney in concert

I am a skinny woman, but my crew always chose the smallest girls to be with me on stage, like eight girls. Imagine the humiliation, my God.

It is because of that ordeal that Britney says she’d rather be cleaning up the dirt in her pool than working with that creative “team,” which she says are the most offensive people she’s ever come across, because, at the time, , was stripped of her femininity and indirectly compared Christina Aguilera’s physique. In addition, she emphasized that now that she has regained her voice and her vote, she speaks, decides and gives her opinion about everything that was silenced for years.

Britney's message to Christina

Given this situation, the fans have come out in his defense and have started a kind of war of reactions dividing by team Spears and team Aerie.

1. To foolish words…

2. Something is wrong

britney vs christina reactions

3. An eternal rivalry

christina teasing britney

4. Leading by example would be good

5. Memes are not lacking

christina vs britney meme

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