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They accuse Miss Universe of plagiarizing the design of her ball gown

Andrea Meza was crowned as “the most beautiful woman in the world”, but apparently no one is convinced with the triumph of the Mexican, because more and more accusations are against her. The latter suggests that Meza plagiarized the dress she wore to the event’s final gala.

The spectacular red dress, designed by Ivis Lenin, is said to have been stolen from the 2017 collection of the Kuwaiti brand La bourjoisie.

And then where did the dress come from?

Comparison of the Miss Universe dress with a golden one

Several users continue to be dissatisfied with the appointment of Andrea Meza as the new Miss Universe, so they have taken on the task of discrediting her or looking for any reason to have the crown removed. This time they pointed out that the red dress by the designer Ivis Lenin is a plagiarism of the design of La Bourjoisie, a firm based in Kuwait, since the two look too much alike.

The La Bourjoisie dress, which by the way was created by the Mexican-Lebanese designer Nadim Olivera Soudaiha, is in gold, but apart from that slight difference, both pieces are almost identical, because they include transparencies on the front, movement in the fringes and a cape that falls on the back.

Ivis assures that his muses to create it were the divas of Mexican cinema

Comparison of the Miss Universe dress with a golden one

However, days before, the designer published on his Instagram account an image with data of the red dress and assured that it was inspired by the muses of Mexican gold cinema, especially in María Félix. In addition, he said that it took him almost a year to make it and that it is made with red silk and hand embroidered with almost 40 thousand crystals.

Other celebrities have already worn the dress

Carrie Underwood wearing a gold fringed dress

Celebrities like Carrie Underwood wore Nadim’s dress on the red carpet. It is still unknown if there is any kind of connection between the two haute couture designers. For her part, Andrea stated on different occasions that the outfit was chosen at the last minute, as she wanted to wear a dress from her head designer, Edgar Lozzano.

It is not the only plagiarism of which he is accused

Comparison of the typical costume of Andrea Meza and that of a game show

The costume designer, Juan Oyervides, pointed out that the typical alebrije costume could also be a plagiarism, since it was very similar to one that he had made two years ago to The most dredge, a show which is broadcast by YouTube.

This caused a great debate among users of social networks, because it is not really certain that it is a robbery or an inspiration, since Andrea’s costume was inspired by alebrijes and was created by Avelino Roque Osorio. In addition, it had bright colors and an embroidery that took him more than a month and a half to complete.

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