They create glasses that when planted become flowers that help the bees

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Coffee is delicious, as long as it is taken in an original, unique and reusable cup, because every year billions of disposable cups containing this delicious liquid are thrown away and that is a huge problem for the planet. It takes more than 20 years for glasses to break down in landfills. Unfortunately, not all of them get there, sometimes they end up at the bottom of the sea.

In an effort to help reduce contamination from these vessels, Alex Henige and his college mates they founded the company Reduce Reuse Grow y They developed a paper cup that can become the solution to this great problem.

A small effort to save the planet

Biodegradable cup that works for planting trees or plants

Alex Henige and his friends just want to reduce the damage that the plant has suffered a little, so they created a coffee cup that has a component very similar to that of plastic, but this is of plant origin, that is, biodegradable. After making the small glass, seeds are embedded in it, which are not affected by the liquid or heat if they are discarded in certain places.

This is how these vessels should be planted

Biodegradable cup that works for planting trees or plants

At the bottom of the glass there is a print in which consumers are told how to untangle it, submerge it in the water and then plant it in a pot and add soil so that a plant or tree grows there little by little.

This small but very useful invention has already been requested by different businesses, as they expect customers to change plastic for this material that is very friendly to the environment. In addition, once they have the cups, the companies commit to cultivating the cups abandoned by their customers to ensure that each one becomes a help to the planet.

It is the invention that we all needed

Biodegradable cup that works for planting trees or plants

This is a product that does not harm ecosystems at all, after all, that is the main goal that both Alex and his friends have been working towards. In addition, they want to “set a new standard within the food service disposable packaging industry.”

This is a great initiative with which we can help our planet and enjoy a delicious drink.

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And who not? If we need to help the planet. Although these actions may seem small, the truth is that they are very important. Now they must take our money and give us thousands of similar glasses.

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