They curse her because she is a personal trainer and her husband is obese – This is how they make $10,000 a month

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One pair of gets a lot of trolling online for the huge difference kg which has, however, through the social media where he projects his relationship, he has managed to earn $10,000 a month.

According to 28-year-old personal trainer Sienna Keera was watching ‘People Just Do Nothing’ in 2018 when she noticed him as well 28-year-old actor George Keywood.

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So, looked him up on Instagram and she made the first move to make contact, despite the distance of 10,000 miles between them, since she lived in Australia and he in Britain.

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It’s a fake relationship” and of course “you are both actors, look at the difference in your weights, these are just some negative reactions”. Yes, some call the 28-year-old a “mother-in-law”. and they state that “if you really cared about his health, as a personal trainer you would do something”.

Sienna Keera and George Keywood though, they say they are happy and that they want to break the stereotypes that exist about couples with a difference in weight.

We want to break the stigma that exists in relationships, where there is a huge difference in weight. Love knows no limits“, they say.

Source: News Beast

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