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They filter the first images of ‘The Little Mermaid’; this is what Halle Bailey looks like as Ariel

They Filter The First Images Of 'the Little Mermaid'; This

Since it was announced that Halle Bailey would be the protagonist of the live action from The little Mermaid a great controversy was generated, as some applauded the election, while others were dissatisfied. Even so, Disney continued with the agreement and began filming the story.

The first scenes are already being filmed on the beaches of Italy and although it was tried to be kept secret, there is nothing that escapes the paparazziWell, the first images of Halle as Ariel have already been leaked. Here we tell you everything that is known so far.

Filming The little Mermaid It already started

The entire production traveled to Italy to shoot some of the scenes for the film and it was then that images of Halle as Ariel were leaked. In some he appears with the mermaid’s tail and in others he is seen walking around the set wearing a blue suit, which may be part of the CGI and will later be removed in post-production.

But let’s talk about the most important scene: The first meeting! On location it seems that the idea of ​​the 1989 classic is being taken up again, in which Ariel appears sitting on the sand trying to revive Prince Eric after he is adrift by the wreck of his ship.

The recordings are nowhere near finished

They still have a month and a half to finish filming and start post-production. For this reason we still cannot see Halle fully characterized and we have no idea what modifications will be made to the character. It only remains for us to wait to know whether or not he will have red hair like the original character.

It will be the first leading role in Halle

Halle was chosen because she became very popular in music alongside her sister Chloe. The two form a duet that specializes in R&B songs, a genre that led them to win the Radio Disney contest called Next Big Thing. Halle doesn’t have a lot of experience in the acting world. In fact, this project will be his first starring role.

The little Mermaid It will have several musical scenes, so it was important that the protagonist knew how to sing and, obviously, Halle does it perfectly. We just hope this movie is everything fans are hoping to see. Disney, please don’t let us down.

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