They rescue dogs trapped in a huge sinkhole in Mexico and the internet applauds the heroes

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In early June, a sinkhole began to form in Santa María Zacatepec, in Puebla, Mexico. It started out as a small diameter, but now it is more than 120 meters long, 114 meters wide and about 50 meters deep.

The bottom of the sinkhole is filled with water that seems to have a fairly strong current, causing more pieces of earth to break off every day. The situation has already caused a house to collapse and before this, the authorities put up a fence to prevent the population from approaching. However, they forgot that the dogs could easily cross and the unthinkable happened: two mounds fell. They were finally rescued and we are all more than grateful for the rescue efforts.

The tenderloins were trapped for several days

Puppies stuck in a sinkhole in Puebla

The dogs fell into the sinkhole because they crossed the protection lines, obviously they did not know what was happening, they just wanted to run all over the field. Fortunately, someone saw them and notified the authorities, who started with the rescue plan.

Due to the unstable conditions in the area, rescuers were afraid that some human life would be lost trying to rescue them, so it took about 48 hours to determine the safest way to get them out of the huge hole.

Hundreds of rescuers were present at the scene

Activists giving serum to puppies

Both activists and organizations in favor of animal rights came to the site to try to help the authorities. They provided rescue plans and mechanisms. In addition, there were those who volunteered to enter the area and go down for them.

But the authorities already had two plans in mind. The first was to go down with a helicopter and from there send a person, while the second consisted of going down by means of the rappel technique. The dogs were monitored at all times through drones to see if they were alive.

Not even the rain could stop the rescue

Firefighter holding a puppy in his arms

On Thursday morning, the governor of Puebla, Miguel Barbosa Huerta, ruled out the use of helicopters and announced that the group of brigadistas from the Coordination of Civil Protection of the State and Firefighters would be in charge of going down for them.

Around 7:00 p.m. on Thursday, June 10 and after two attempts that had to be interrupted by the heavy rains that were occurring in the place, the government reported that both dogs, which we now know are called Spike and Spay, were rescued and no human life was injured. In addition, both tenderloins were evaluated by the Institute of Animal Welfare to determine that they were well. This was announced on the Government of Puebla’s Twitter account.

With success and thanks to the responsible efforts of PC_Estatal and Firefighters, Spay and Spike were successfully rescued after their fall in the Santa María Zacatepec sinkhole; At this time, IBA personnel perform a medical evaluation to determine their health status.

Fortunately, the lomitos are already safe, one at home with his humans and the other, put up for adoption for a family that wants to take care of him and love him.

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