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They “set up” a forced landing of an aircraft in order to enter Spain illegally

Airport Palma de Mallorca, one of its busiest Spain at Balearic Islands, was forced to close for almost four hours yesterday Friday (06/11), as many passengers of a plane that made an emergency landing tried to escape running on the runway, according to airport authorities.

The plane, which was flying a flight in between Morocco and Turkey, changed course in Palma de Mallorca, where he made an emergency landing, due to a passenger who complained that he felt uncomfortable, the police authorities French Agency.

During the disembarkation of the supposedly sick traveler, about 20 passengers took the opportunity and got off the plane running on the runway. Two people were arrested, authorities said.

According to the newspaper The country, the investigating authorities estimate that the incident was set up in order to illegally enter the Spain.

The passenger who complained of discomfort was taken to hospital, where he was found to be in good health and was arrested by police for “assisting in illegal immigration and violating the law on foreigners”, according to the newspaper.

One of the passengers who accompanied him to the hospital also disappeared, she said The country, referring to an additional five arrests.

As a result of the incident, 13 planes bound for the airport Palma de Mallorca changed course to other airports and 16 flights that were ready to depart were delayed for hours, according to airport authorities. The airport reopened around midnight on Friday night after about four hours of downtime.

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