US: Bill on Giant Infrastructure Investment Bill Approved by Congress

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The approval for the Congress was secured by the investment bill on USA of 1.2 trillion. $ 1 in infrastructure, one of Joe Biden ‘s grand plans, which he must now sign to allow it to take effect.

According to the APE-MPE, with 228 votes in favor and 206 against, the passage of this bill by the House of Representatives, after the Senate in August, is half a victory for the American president.

Democrats needed 218 votes to pass the bill, which aims to modernize the road network, bridges and high-speed Internet and is considered one of the most ambitious in modern American history. They received 228 votes in favor and 206 against, thanks to Republican votes, and the passage of the bill was greeted with applause from lawmakers.

Joe Biden, who has an urgent need to step up his presidency, hoped yesterday, Friday morning, that two major pieces of legislation would be possible to pass in the House of Representatives: this investment plan and an extensive program to re-establish the system. social protection and the fight against climate change at a cost of $ 1,750 trillion.

But Democratic leaders were forced to abstain from voting on the latest bill, as the party’s center-right demanded clarification on its cost figures. The moderate and progressive wings of the party finally agreed to hold a procedural vote aimed at boosting the parliamentary process.

Joe Biden, who is facing a decline in popularity a year before the midterm parliamentary elections, said his extended social agenda would be put to a vote in parliament by the week of November 15th before it can be considered. with this the Senate.

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