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Third day step… note on the Stock Exchange

Third day in the same narrow range of 900-910 points for the Athens Stock Exchange, which, as shown by the first trades, did not want to test the resistance of the ceiling.

In particular, the General Index closed with gains of 0.06% at 908.62 points, while it moved between 907.22 points (-0.10%) and 912.34 points (+ 0.46%). The turnover amounted to 55.6 million euros and the volume to 19.3 million units, while 6.9 million units were traded through pre-agreed transactions.

Third day step… note on the Stock Exchange

The index of high capitalization closed with an increase of 0.04%, at 2,200.54 points, while at -0.13% Mid Cap completed the transactions at 1,457.52 points. The banking index closed with gains of 0.10% at 600.28 points.

The market today showed that it will need strong catalysts to be able to cross the difficult level of 910 units. Of course, these are not disappearing, but both the international developments and the funds raised from the Greek capital market in recent months, have not allowed the Stock Exchange to continue its upward trajectory since last April.

However, the reason that the climate remains moderately positive, despite the accumulation of many months, is that the funds that have been raised by the listed companies from the Greek capital market in recent months are not small. The last case, which raised the account of the raised funds over 7 billion euros, is PPC, which today closed its book of offers for the capital increase, with the information of Capital.gr stating that from the first bids exceeded 3.2 billion euros, exceeding almost three times the maximum target of growth.

Now, the interest is focused on the official announcements from the side of PPC, on Friday, when the announcement for the final offering price of the new shares will be published, which will be at 9 euros, while immediately after the liquidation process will begin. in order for the detailed announcement on the outcome of the public offer to be issued on 10 November.

Discreet look at the pandemic

The fourth wave of the pandemic may be in progress, and as everything shows it will be quite serious, but the Stock Exchange seems to be following its course without much concern. And as a stock market source typically comments on Capital.gr, the government’s assurances that there will be no new lockdown measures have pushed these developments into the background.

What affects, however, is that since September, Greek households after the opening of the markets are facing significant price increases, mainly in energy products and other products and services. And this will gradually be seen in the decline in consumption, and therefore in the tax revenues that will enter the state coffers during the critical winter months.

On the dashboard

On the board now, the + 1.95% of Coca Cola, but also the more than 1% profits in Terna Energy, Aegean, IPTO and PPC helped the general index to close in positive territory. Jumbo, Eurobank, ELHA, EYDAP, PPA, GEK Terna and Alpha Bank also closed slightly higher.

On the other hand, OTE with -1.94% and -1.3% of Ellactor and Saranti affected the market. Titan, Biochalko, Lambda, HELEX, OPAP, Mytilineo, Ethniki, Hellenic Petroleum and Piraeus also closed slightly lower. Motor Oil closed unchanged.


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