Third dose, the 10 categories that will receive it immediately and the difference between the additional dose and the “booster”

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After the green light of practically all the bodies in charge (Cts, Aifa, Higher Institute of Health and Higher Council of Health), the ministry also writes its decisions on third dose. It actually begins with what is to be considered a completion of the cycle by two rather than a so-called “booster”, ie a booster. Not surprisingly, people belonging to will be entitled to it from next Monday ten specific categories:

1. solid organ transplant recipients in immunosuppressive therapy;
2.Hematopoietic stem cell transplantation;
3. waiting for organ transplant;
4.T-cell therapies;
5. oncological pathology;
6.immunodeficienze primitive;
7. secondary immunodeficiencies;
8. dialysis and severe chronic renal failure;
9.pregress splenectomy;
10. AIDS patients.

Attention. For these people the circular of the ministry led by Roberto Speranza, and signed by the director of prevention Gianni Rezza, speaks of additional dose: should be administered at least 28 days after the second and it is precisely designed for those who may have developed, after the two standard doses, a weak or less lasting immune response. In short, it is always the same 2021 vaccination cycle.

Only after completing a three-dose course for these subjects will they switch to third booster dose for the rest of the population, albeit with a very precise hierarchy of priorities: come on fragile subjects, that is over 80 and guests of the rsa, ai health workers. But as Aifa has specified in recent days, not for everyone: starting with those with roles that expose them more to risks. In this case, the recall must take place at at least six months after the second dose. In both situations (immunosuppressed and frail or at risk) a mRna, Moderna or Pfizer-Biontech vaccine. Later the categories of the frail and health workers will be specified with other indications.

The central point, also reaffirmed by the circular, is however to push this phase of the vaccination campaign higher and higher. The third doses are therefore fundamental for those who need them immediately and for those who could see the protection weaken, especially with regard to infection, but the priority remains “the achievement of a high vaccination coverage with the completion of the courses currently authorizedThey explain from the ministry. In short, we need to raise the percentage of Italians vaccinated with two doses higher and higher: at the moment they are almost 75% of those over 12 years old. An excellent result, which projects us to 80% by the end of September, according to the objectives of the government. However, given the high contagiousness of the Delta variant of Sars-CoV-2, it may still not be enough to avoid bad repercussions on the health system during the autumn and winter season. This is why the real goal is 90% of the over 12s, to be reached even with the final step onextension of the green pass also for all workers, public and private.

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