This Chinese is ready to oust competitors. Testing Exeed LX and Surprised (2022)

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As if in a series, the Russian automotive market begins a new season. For some time, it will definitely be held under the flag of the Chinese automotive industry. A little more Korean with Japanese. You can be sad, or you can succumb to the wave and, in general, show interest in modern cars from the Middle Kingdom. Moreover, even now Chery brings us its new products, and the hero of this material is Exeed LX.

This is the youngest model in the premium line from Chery. Yes, yes, Chery even seeks to distance itself from the sub-brand by starting its own website for it and removing the nameplate of the parent company from the car.

A car from the press park has a Chery nameplate, but it is not available in car dealerships
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  • Engine: ICE, 4 cylinders, 1.5 liters, 92nd gasoline.
  • Power: 147 HP s., 210 Nm.
  • Gearbox: CVT (CVT9).
  • Drive: front.
  • Average consumption during the test drive: 8.8 liters per 100 km.
  • Drove: 852 km.


As always, on clothes

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With the Chinese, it is, as usual, willy-nilly, you start looking for where you copied what, what you spied on. But with the LX, there is no such desire, Kevin Rice is responsible for its design, look at his other cars at your leisure. So there is a very distinctive style here, and I didn’t think I liked it. The test got a little blue car, it appears in almost all promotional materials. Definitely, it is in this version that all the edges of the body are emphasized. In white, the LX seems bigger and more solid, but many of the lines disappear, but in black … in general, in black it is as boring as possible. In June, they promise to enrich the palette with red and blue.

My friend bought himself a white LX. He shares his experience in the video.

Of the cool features: a horizontal light strip on the muzzle, which I have already seen on the VW Taos, nice graphics of the diode headlights and a slight flirtation with unpainted plastic. I urge you to share your opinion about the exterior in the comments.

I admired it, it’s time to study the interior decoration, and there is something to tell. I’ll start, perhaps, with the main disappointment — the trunk. To begin with, the volume is 400 liters with a little. For such a seemingly rather big car (just over 4.5 meters), the volume is small. In the underground there is a foam plastic pencil case, there is a sign in case of an accident and just places for small things. Dokatka under the pencil case. It is worth noting that if the floor and the pencil case are removed, then the volume increases pleasantly. I suspect that over time there will be alternative inserts in the luggage compartment. From organizational moments: two hooks and a very dim light bulb on the side. And there is no cigarette lighter socket. So it goes.

The second row meets eco-leather and not very high ceiling. For the second, you need to thank the hatch, it is he who eats up part of the space. If you have a tall family, it may be worth taking a non-top-end package, there is no hatch there. Keep this in mind. Of the amenities: an armrest with cup holders (without fixation), two USB connectors, two deep pockets in the front seats, seat heating and airflow. True, there is only one deflector, so in winter you will have to decide who is more frozen. It’s nice that there is no claustrophobic effect here, although the window line rises closer to the rear of the car. In general, the second row can be called very ordinary, but at the same time there is no discomfort here, just as there is no wow effect.

All the most interesting Exeed LX on the front row.

There is also a two-tiered center console already familiar from Chery, the convenience of which raises questions, and it is on the lower tier that there is a place for a large smartphone, wireless charging and a pair of USB connectors with the only cigarette lighter socket for the entire car. Honestly, it’s inconvenient to use this design on the go.

There is a lot of gloss on top, which will lose its gloss over time. There are also several niches that large modern smartphones do not fit into. Change the somewhat negative tone and praise the armrest. This is a kind of transformer with cup holders (however, two medium cups do not fit together), a plug and a deep niche with a place for a bottle. Also with cooling. Armrest adjustment only for reach, height — alas.

Time to talk about ergonomics and I’ll start with … the joystick gear. It is completely electronic, and that’s exactly what a joystick is. Physically, it has nothing to do with the box. Someone may be dissatisfied, but I quickly got used to it, although the D and R modes are flipped through the “neutral” and a double click is obtained. I also like that you can just turn off the car with the button, and the box itself will go into park mode and activate the electronic parking brake. It’s like turning off the gadget.

Next to the joystick box climate control. Yes, it is touch-sensitive and deserves a certain “fi”, but, most importantly, the temperature control is physical. Discs with excellent travel and positioning are comfortable to use, thanks Exeed for making them so.

The LX has two screens in its arsenal. Both are 12 inches with excellent brightness and readability. There is no visor, but there have never been any difficulties with this. By the way, the screens are not glossy, but with a matte finish, which eliminates strong glare.

Right, touch, is responsible for multimedia. Everything is simple here, but there are, as they say, nuances. Alas, it is on them that you have to focus your attention. Chery / Exeed cars do not have Android Auto support, so you have to use the proprietary QDLink application. In fact, this is a broadcast of the screen of your Android smartphone. Of the minuses: the connection requires keeping the smartphone turned on and the application responds to screen rotation. Is it comfortable… no. There are no problems with CarPlay.

About settings. There are not so many of them in the car and they are very standard. From the non-banal: in the air conditioner menu, you can select the style of the clock that is displayed on the second climate disk if temperature synchronization is turned on! There, in the wilds of the interface, and the memory of the position of the driver’s seat and mirrors. Alas, there are no physical buttons with position presets. If you have two drivers or more, there will be difficulties, if you are a solo rider, then you can not consider this a claim.

Definitely praise the 360-degree cameras. They are activated when the turn signal is turned on, but this is more of a wow effect for passengers. But when parking, such a system is very convenient. It will allow you to park more densely and not leave a lot of free space, so that the rest will have enough.

There is also a voice assistant here, it reacts (but not always) to the call “Exsiid”. You can open the windows (all open at once) or the sunroof, turn on the air conditioner or radio. Honestly, it’s more of a toy than a vital function. But why not?

Least of all I have claims to the driver’s seat. This, I think, is the main thing. Ergonomics are excellent, the chair rises high, although it does not go down much, and those who are over 190 cm tall can be close to the ceiling. The steering wheel is classic without any special notions, as are the levers behind it. Yes, I would like spinners on the spokes, but you get used to the local ergonomics and don’t think about it. There are paddle shifters for virtual nine gears.

Ergonomics of the driver’s life in the LX

There are also three options for visualization of the tidy. In general, I’m waiting for one of the manufacturers to make an “app store” with interfaces for their cars. There are also smartphones and watches.

Visibility, as they say, is a four, and the reason for this is not so large rear window. After all, the body tapers a little towards the stern. But the side mirrors are large and they display cars in the dead zone. To someone else, the windshield may seem too tilted, there is an effect here, as if you were sitting in a sedan. Personally, I quickly got used to it and in practice there was no discomfort.

Special mention deserves a full-time car recorder. Yes, yes, no wires and other collective farm on the windshield. It is built into the block behind the central mirror and writes everything that happens. Moreover, special signs on the video show which headlights are on and whether the gas or brake is pressed. The user only needs to buy a flash drive. Writes video for 2, 3 or 5 minutes, resolution 720p and 1080p. Great feature!

What’s left? A modern cabin with a strong focus on touch controls. There are miscalculations in ergonomics, and they are more from the “played out” area. Either way, it’s easy to get used to. One question, what will happen to glossy plastic in a year? And in 3-5 years?

Let’s hit the road

It is very pleasant in dynamics!

Let’s go right off the bat, as they say. The Exeed LX is a joy to ride. Like this. Yes, I switched the steering wheel to “sport mode”, and it has a nice information content. 147 horses are optimal both in the city and on the highway. Yes, this is not about “populating”, but you don’t feel deprived, even when family or friends are on board. And luggage. Apparently, it is worth saying thanks to the turbine and 210 Nm. From under the hood, the overall pleasant sound of the engine even gets into the cabin, at least it is not annoying. Well, the suspension, it’s moderately elastic, informative, but it doesn’t reach the test. I love this, there is no wadding and buildup.

What bothered me while driving was the sound of the turn signals. Alas, there is no way to change it. The car also greets with a cacophony of sounds, but, unlike Chery, it does not yell at the whole area if you left the car with the key.

Under the hood everything is in plastic, it’s a classic Chery / Exeed

I would advise you to immediately turn off the reaction to the approach to the car with the key. And then it will constantly be blocked and unblocked if you pass by. And it may not always be safe for things inside. Perhaps, over time, you will turn off the automatic turning on of the panoramic camera.

Outside the asphalt, you should be careful. There is front-wheel drive and a ground clearance of 185 mm. Yes, the big wheels help a bit with flotation, but this is more of a city car. Although in the country, on the ground after the rain LX crawled out.


I grumbled, but in general, everything is fine

What is the result? Suddenly pleasant steering and, in general, everything related to driving. At the same time, a comfortable noise level is maintained in the cabin at speeds up to 100 km / h. Four of us can comfortably fit in the LX and, if it’s not a camping trip, everything will fit in the trunk. The sound of the speakers is unlikely to surprise you, but it will not annoy, especially if you customize it for yourself.

There is, of course, a list of claims already mentioned, but this is exactly what all this does not cause claims and much discomfort. Although sometimes you are perplexed by the illogicality of the various niches on the center console and the abundance of gloss in the same place.

I can not help but note that the manufacturer gives a guarantee of seven years or 200 thousand kilometers. In general, Exeed are confident in their car, why not trust us? He also looks great!

And here’s another thing, although the LX does not cause any particularly vivid impressions, but at the same time it promises to be a comfortable everyday hard worker. Isn’t that great?


  • modern car with everything you need in the kit;
  • looks good;
  • nice to drive.


  • a lot of gloss;
  • no support for Android Auto;
  • trunk space could be more thoughtful;
  • adaptive cruise control is not even an option.

May not like:

  • some moments in the ergonomics of the cabin;
  • joystick gearbox;
  • turn signal sounds.

Source: Trash Box

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