This cooling system can handle 4 graphics cards at the same time. But it’s bigger than the computer itself

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Recently, desktop processors have begun to consume gigantic amounts of energy and, accordingly, release the corresponding heat. As a result, for cooling the flagship Intel or AMD processors, which can also be overclocked (and what’s the point of buying them and not overclocking?), They can consume up to 280-340 W of energy at the peak, so even top towers or ready-made LSSs are not able to cope with such heat level. Moreover, there is a similar problem with video cards, since even with three fans and a huge heatsink, the graphics core heats up very seriously. And the Bykski B-1080-CEC-X liquid cooling system should solve this problem, leaving an impressive margin of safety for the future.

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This device can be described as a giant external cooler that is able to remove heat from both the processor and the video card. The dimensions of the Bykski B-1080-CEC-X are larger than the PC case, so you need to place the device next to the computer, and the cooling will be connected to the same processor through flexible tubes, just like a conventional liquid cooling system. Inside the huge body of the cooler is an array of nine fans with a diameter of 120 mm, which are mounted on a perforated metal edge. These fans cool an oversized built-in radiator that is connected to a pump to pump liquid through flexible hoses. It turns out the standard LSS, only external.

The user just needs to remove the side panel of his computer, screw the mount to the processor and connect the cooling system to power. The result is a truly efficient solution that can cool servers, high-performance gaming systems, regular work machines, and even specialty computers with four GPUs. These are used for 3D rendering, scientific research and more. The manufacturer stated that this installation is capable of dissipating up to 2,000 watts of heat, which is literally ten times more than most LSSs.

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For example, a gaming system consisting of an Intel Core i9-13900K and an NVIDIA GeForce RTX 4090 at peak loads will consume approximately 850 watts, dissipating the same amount of heat into the cooling system, so that even the most powerful PC at the moment can be cooled with a margin. True, you will have to pay $ 525 for such a pleasure, plus the device is presented in the Japanese market, so you will also need to pay extra for shipping – you can’t get such a thing anywhere else in the world.

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