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'This is the language of Hitler, not America', Biden said of Trump's video with reference to 'unified Reich'

US President Joe Biden accuses Donald Trump of using Adolf Hitler's phrases in his new video uploaded on the Truth Social platform, referring to the “unified Reich”. “This is Hitler's language, not America's,” Biden said during an event in Boston. The Republican presidential nominee in November's election withdrew the controversial video after Biden's campaign staff and others criticized the reference as being linked to the Nazi regime. The video purportedly featured newspaper headlines gloating about the booming economy and crackdown on immigration at the US southern border, given of course Donald Trump's election victory. At two points in the video, the text below a newspaper headline reads: “Industrial power increased significantly (…) driven by the creation of a unified Reich.” The text is somewhat blurry and hard to read at first glance. Carolyn Leavitt, a spokeswoman for Trump's campaign staff, argued that the […]
Source: News Beast

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