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Understand why “Corpo a Corpo” was seen as a controversial soap opera

Written by Gilberto Braga, “Melee” was broadcast in 1984, being the subject of great controversy at the time. After 40 years, the soap opera will be re-aired for the first time on Canal Viva.

Starring Antonio Fagundes , Deborah Duarte It is Gloria Menezes the story addressed themes such as social ascension, revenge and racism.

Focusing on the wedding of Eloá (Débora Duarte) and Osmar (Antonio Fagundes), right away, the character's plot shocked the public, after she met Raul (Flávio Galvão).

An extremely mysterious man, the boy appeared to be the devil in the flesh. As soon as the two met at a party, the protagonist made a pact with him to be successful in life. It didn't take long for Elóa to rise socially, something that affected her marriage.

However, this part of the story was not the one that generated the most controversy at the time the soap opera was aired. In another nucleus, the relationship between Sonia (Zezé Motta) and Claudius (Marcos Paulo) became the target of much criticism.

This is because it was an interracial relationship. In this way, in addition to suffering racism within the plot, Zeze Motta It was also harassed by the public.

In the story, her character was an architect from a medical family, who falls in love with the firstborn of the Fraga Dantas family. However, due to the prejudice of Cláudio's family, Sônia had to put an end to the marriage.

In 2024, the soap opera will be re-aired on Canal Viva from June 24th, at 2:40 pm, replacing “Right to Love” (1987).

Source: CNN Brasil

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