“This is the time to demand the vaccination passport”, says researcher at Fiocruz

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In an interview with CNN this Thursday (2), the infectologist and researcher at Fiocruz do Mato Grosso do Sul Júlio Croda said that the requirement of the vaccine passport is necessary in Brazil, especially at this time of uncertainty regarding the Ômicron variant.

The researcher emphasizes that the vaccination passport is a method already used in several countries, and aims to reduce the rates of transmission of the disease.

“Most countries in the world adopt this strategy with the objective of reducing transmission. Those who are vaccinated transmit less of the variant and also have less impact on the health system, less risk of hospitalization and death. So, Brazil is endemic, it has a very low number of cases, this is the moment to demand a vaccination passport, to demand RT-PCR for travelers and eventually even put them in quarantine”, he said.

For Croda, the measure should be valid until scientists better understand the impacts of the new Ômicron variant of the coronavirus, and does not rule out the possibility of worldwide revaccination.

“The concern is with the escape of the immune response, especially if vaccines will continue to work for this new variant, this is the biggest concern in the world. We come with high coverage, with control of the other variants and if there is a very important escape from the immune response, we will have to revaccinate a large portion of the world population, this is the great concern”, he explained.

Regarding the cancellation of New Year’s Eve parties in several capitals of Brazil, the Fiocruz researcher claims to be the correct decision, considering the low rate of vaccination in some states of the country.

“I think it’s correct because we sequence very little, we don’t know if we already have this variant in Brazil, if it doesn’t already have community transmission as it has in Europe, so all prudence is important. Vaccination coverage is still not ideal, we have not yet reached 80% of the population fully vaccinated, we have lower coverage, especially in the North and Northeast; Roraima with less than 50% and Amapá with less than 40% of its population immunized, so this is not the time to crowd with a new variant and low vaccination coverage in some cities”, he said.

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Reference: CNN Brasil

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