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“This Is Us” Actor Attends His Fictional Son’s Graduation

Milo Ventimiglia 46, who plays Jack Pearson on the series “This Is Us” attended university graduation Niles Fitch , his son in fiction. The 22-year-old actor plays the young version of Randall. Hannah Zeile 26, who plays teenager Kate, also honored her “brother”.

On social media, Niles published a photo alongside the actors who starred in the family drama. (Look above). In another shot, he wears his gown and holds his diploma from the University of Southern California. “Dad, I did it,” he wrote in the caption.

Your fictional mother, Mandy Moore left a comment on the publication and celebrated the actor's achievement.

“Go, Niles! Unbelievable. Proud fake mother”, wrote the actress who plays Rebecca Pearson in “This Is Us“ .

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“This is Us” tells the story of the Pearson family and follows the lives of each member for more than 40 years. The plot is presented with time jumps that it is possible to follow as “past”, when the triplets were children, “present”, they are adults, and even “future”, when they appear older.

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Source: CNN Brasil

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